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Hypnotherapy in West Byfleet - James Golding

We all find life difficult at times and look for support when solving problems and reaching to achieve a solution. 

Brief Strategic Hypnotherapy has been clinically proven to help people improve their emotional and physical well-being with such a wide range of issues from habits, addictions, anxieties to pain control, depression and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS & so much more. 


As a hypnotherapist and counsellor, based in West Byfleet Surrey & Woking Surrey, I help clients from all over Surrey address a huge variety of life-inhibiting issues. 

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The initial consultation 

I make no charge for the first session, where in confidence we can discuss the issue that you would like to address and the best way forward for you; in my West Byfleet or Woking practice in Surrey. This appointment is usually 30 minutes long & as there are so many modern brief strategic interventions which might be used to help you, I believe this session vitally important in finding the correct approach for you. 

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About James

I use Brief Strategic approaches within Hypnotherapy, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, & Solution Focused Therapy to affect a short-term approach to change for you. There are times when clients find learning how to relax or how to use self-hypnosis can have enormous long term benefits in their life. 

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As a qualified person-centred and psychodynamic counsellor I hold counselling and psychotherapy sessions to help you work through those life events and experiences in a safe environment that can support you through to change. 

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The Corporate Sector

Providing corporate support for more than thirty years enables me to help your workforce manage stress in the workplace. With business and performance becoming more difficult to gain and maintain it is intrinsically important to maintain a confident high-performance workforce. Stress is a natural part of motivation and performance, providing the levels of stress are motivating your workforce and not reducing their ability to give you the edge within this competitive environment. A competitive cohesive working environment can boost productivity and ensures that you retain valuable staff. 

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Please take the time to look through this web site to find out more about me and how hypnotherapy, counselling, the brief strategic approaches & psychotherapy can help you to take that step forward to live in a better world. 


If I can help with any questions, to book an appointment, arrange a home visit or request a practice leaflet please feel free to contact me.

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