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The quickest most effective way to STOP SMOKING NOW. Using modern brief strategic interventions. Thirty years experience to help you now. Already stopped smoking & started again Feel down when you think about stopping smoking 

Feel worse when you stop smoking I can help you now 

Let me help you now CONTACT


Everyone is telling you that you can do it.  

And you know it makes sense. 


You want to be free of what began as a pleasure, as self protection, or even an act of rebellion against people - who no longer belong in your life! 


Only you dread the misery of withdrawal and the feelings of going without. 


Be encouraged! You can break free from the beliefs and thoughts that run through your mind. You can achieve that glow of success and feel good in the morning. Rediscover your self-worth and confidence whilst supporting your good health. 


Forget those long programmes that commit you to many high-cost sessions. 


I offer a free initial consultation to find the quickest route to freedom for you. My work is reasonably priced so that you can focus on recovering control and good health. 


Hypnosis utilises a natural state of mind that everyone uses 50 to 200 times every day. Stop smoking the easy way with this unique combination of approaches; my approach can reinforce your decision to stop smoking; making the process much easier and can eliminate many of the side effects such as cravings, mood swings and weight gain

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Hypnotherapy Can Help You

With hypnosis I help you to access your unconscious mind and fill it with motivation, feelings of success, encouragement and hope for a brighter, happier, healthier future. 


Yes of course you can become a non-smoker 


Allow me to help you achieve this today: 

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Call James: 

01932 341055

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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy Surrey "the most effective way to give up smoking." The therapeutic application of hypnosis, has been recognised as a method to aid smoking cessation for many years. Even as far back as October 1992, following a research study at the University of Iowa, New Scientist magazine reported hypnosis as "the most effective way of giving up smoking"( New Scientist vol 136 issue 1845 - 31 October 92, page 6). Hypnosis - The Most Effective Way to Stop Smoking - New Scientist 

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