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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Hypnotherapy is effective in breaking old undesirable habits, like smoking, weight gain, drug addiction or excessive drinking, replacing them with positive behaviours. 


Hypnotherapy can also be used to increase positive states of mind, including hypnotherapy to increase confidence, remove depression and raise your overall level of happiness and enjoyment of life. 


Hypnotherapy can be used to enhance your success in business, sport, love and almost any field you can think of. The possibilities of hypnosis are endless and the results amazing. 


Hypnosis is the method that helps your unconscious mind make positive changes to your behaviours and habits quickly and easily, changing your thought patterns and feelings for so many issues. 

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What can hypnotherapy help with?

I would like to help you gain control and move forward so that you can achieve your potential and enjoy your life, you can start today. I have been helping people with Hypnotherapy & Counselling in Surrey for more than thirty years, with thirty years practice experience. 


You might be surprised to see just how many issues I work with using hypnotherapy throughout Surrey; the following is a cross section of the case load over the last five years:

  • IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Yes you can be comfortable & feel confident whilst you are out. 


  • Weight loss, especially emotional eating, diet is dependent on mood, I have developed an evidence based approach to effectively help you gain control over your diet & lose weight. 

  • Anxiety, phobias, nerves, panic disorders, fears, driving, flying, being out of control etc; you can relearn to be relaxed in situations that are rationally safe. 


  • Improve your potential, you can get so much more out of your life, your career and socially; let me help you. 


  • Depression, feeling down, lack of motivation, difficult to appreciate life, lack of energy, CBT is an evidence based approach to lifting and stabilising mood, this is enhanced with the brief strategic approaches especially using altered states of awareness. 


  • Worries and concerns, whether real or perceived, you can learn how to control irrational thoughts and move on to putting them aside. 

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Hypnotherapy can also help with: 

  • Alcohol dependence; buying alcohol, believing that you will only have a couple of glasses yet drinking much more and regretting drinking in the morning? You can take control. 


  • Stop smoking, there are a lot of myths about stopping smoking; James can help you to stop and offer further support if required, you might be surprised at how quick and effective the approaches that James has developed can be. Many of these interventions are taught during the SCCP diploma and master-classes held in West Byfleet Surrey. 


  • Insomnia, being unable to enjoy a beneficial nourishing sleep, feeling tired throughout the day, your body looking for energy & triggering you to eat because it is tired. Hypnotherapy in Surrey has worked with many clients who have suffered these symptoms for several years. 


  • Agoraphobia, feeling uncomfortable unless you are with a safe person and or only really feeling comfortable in a safe place like home and sometimes only when you’re safe person is with you; allow hypnotherapy in West Byfleet to help you to feel safe and secure in yourself. 


  • Confidence & Self Esteem, Feeling that others are somehow more worthy, at times feeling like a child amongst adults? You can believe in yourself and feel good about you. 


  • Migraine, Headaches, not all headaches can be addressed in therapy; if you feel that your headaches are brought on by stress or that stress contributes, hypnotherapy could be extremely helpful to you. 

  • Exam nerves and the ability to study and retain information, James Golding has helped many people gain degrees and accreditation. 


  • Erectile dysfunction, impotence and the psychosexual, sometimes to do with low self esteem and confidence, had a difficult experience, hypnotherapy has proved to be very successful with these issues; allow hypnotherapy in Woking to help with an eclectic mix of hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP & EIC. 


  • OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour, checking, working until the job is perfect, concerned about security, washing, these issues can be exhausting for the client and their family. We have developed a powerful approach to therapeutic change which can help you take control & to have peace of mind with hypnotherapy in Surrey. 


  • Blushing, a natural phenomena of our species, more easily brought on in some, in certain situations. If you are embarrassed by blushing and would like to address this issue contact James for an initial consultation in West Byfleet or Woking Surrey. 

  • Infertility, this can be brought on by many factors, those that are psychological can be addressed in therapy. If there are no physical reasons for you not to conceive the approaches that we have developed in Surrey can be very effective. 


  • PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome, PMT. This can range from being irritable or miserable, to suffering severe cramps and mood swings, these symptoms may impact those around the sufferer as much as the client, help is available contact James for an initial consultation in Woking or West Byfleet Surrey. 


  • Nail biting, you can have attractive hands in a short period of time. 


  • Nervous skin disorders, if you feel that stress or certain situations contribute, then therapy could help you. 


  • Procrastination, it might take you a while to decide to call me but you will be glad that you did. 


  • Relationship issues, it has been said that relationships bring joy and cause the most difficult pain to bare, if you find that you are going around in the same circle, call for an initial consultation, these brief interventions can really help.

  • Stress, a survival response to danger & threat, today we are rarely under physical threat; however, still suffer with stress, why? Our brain cannot differentiate between real physical threat and perceived emotional threat, we can be upset by work, relationships and even become addicted to concern. Hypnotherapy can help. To Learn More. 

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Could hypnotherapy help you?

If you have a habit, behaviour, anxiety or a concern that you would like to discuss in confidence please phone for a free consultation at Hillview Medical centre Woking or The West Byfleet Clinic Surrey 


We offer a free initial consultation to ensure the correct approach is chosen for you, when addressing pain and certain medical conditions contact may be made with your doctor, this of course would be subject to your approval. 


Would you benefit by taking some time-out to explore your thoughts and feelings, with today’s brief strategic approaches it is possible to regain control quickly and effectively. 


Originally working with hypnotherapy on Alexandra ward in Woking Community Hospital Surrey and more recently Hillview Medical Centre, Woking, Surrey with a private practice in West Byfleet, Surrey, both practices are five minutes walk from Woking and West Byfleet, Surrey mainline stations respectively. Over the last five years I have averaged more than thirty clients a week; the above list is only to give an indication of some of the issues addressed during this time, if you are not sure please contact me for an initial consultation where your concerns can be considered and if possible you will be assisted to achieve your potential. 


If you are looking for Hypnotherapy in Surrey, then contact me at the Surrey Hypnotherapy Clinic today to find out how hypnosis can change your life for the better 

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