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Lose weight the easy way in Surrey

Hypnotherapy for weight loss really can help you lose weight the healthy way and if you wish, increase your desire to exercise.

When we want to lose weight there are five main areas to consider: 


1) Snacking between meals? 

2) Eating too much of the wrong kind of food? 

3) Portion sizes? 

4) Eating because we are tired 

5) Eating for emotional reasons, feeling down or happy. 


Losing weight really can be an enjoyable fun thing to do with the support of hypnotherapy. 


James has been helping people to lose weight for more than twenty years by identifying exactly why we are eating and what we do to put on weight, once we understand these factors the recipe for losing weight is straight forward. We know that hypnotherapy can increase motivation, strengthen resolve and in crease will power. Why not contact James for a free initial consultation today. 

You can eat healthily feel satisfied and be happy. 

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If you are already on a diet and finding things difficult or losing motivation a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy in Surrey could help you back on track and make it easier to maintain your diet. Letting weight go that you no longer want or need can be easy, when you are not constantly thinking about food or chocolate. 

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Hypnotherapy Gastric Band can help when we can not say no

Just need to get back on track? Tel:01932 341055 

We can help 

There are many benefits to losing weight, a lower blood pressure is just one

Difficult to say no to chocolate, certain sweets or cakes? Email

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